A visiting birder from out of state would like to hear (he would really like 
to see) Whip-poor-will and Chuck-wills-widow. He is staying at 112th and 
Wornell in Kansas City. It does not matter to him whether the birds are in 
Missouri or in Kansas. It has been a while since I have heard both species 
on the same trip, and they may have moved. Can anyone direct us to such a 
spot in the greater Kansas City area?

Places where I have heard both in the past include Schell Osage CA and 
around Marais des Cygnes WMA in Kansas (particularly La Cyge park).  Does 
anyone know if those locations are still a sure bet? How about something 

I saw that Whip-poor-will was recorded at Minor Park the other day. Would a 
slow drive along Blue River Road at dusk at leaset produce Whip-poor-will? 
How about Chuck?


Bob Fisher
Independence, Missouri
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