This evening, Tuesday, there were two FULVOUS WHISTLING DUCKS seen at 
Columbia Bottom CA, St. L co, Pool 2.
I could see them from the beginning of the pathway at the gate, but others 
went down to the bend to get better views.

They were mostly lounging, staying tucked in to only lift their heads 
sporadically. But then the two suddenly became alert,
shortly afterwards got up and flew to the middle of the refuge like they did 
last night about the same time
Something spooked them..?? Dunno'.
This was about 7 PM. Possible landing in Pools 3, 4 or 6. There is a 
levee/access road in that leads to that area but would mean a good walk in 
thigh high grass.

There were other birds seen by other birders in Pools 1 & 2.
The list I can remember: Moorhen, Bittern (least?), Ruddies, Coots, BN 
Stilts, etc.

Outta' here for a while.
Computer just limping along.
PLEASE post your sightings to the list or report to Josh Uffman (the RBA 
compiler) or someone else with Mobirds access, I probably will not be able 
to do so for a while.
Sorry, but that is the way it goes.


Good birding,
Charlene Malone
St. Louis co.

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