Bill Rudden just called:
SEE 2007 Map of Columbia Bottom CA available at the office (even it's 
3 FULVOUS WHISTLING DUCKS are being seen in Pool #2 where the road bends off 
toward the west.
- take I-270 north toward IL. Take CBCA exit onto Riverview Road.
- Turn Left and follow signs to CBCA.
- Enter Columbia Bottoms CA (CBCA) from Riverview Road.
- Take gravel road to the right at the "Y"
- go all the way back to where the road straightens out and runs along 
flooded corn stubble fields on your left (north) and the tree lined flooded 
fields on the right (south)..
- park at the FIRST parking lot (where the "gold truck guy" hangs out for 
- across from this is where the gated refuge road is where the BN Stilts 
have been hanging out.

There were at the "first bend in the road".

Hopefully Bill will get pictures. He usually does.

Good chasing,
Charlene Malone
St. L co.

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