Yes, I know it should be TRILL  not thrill.

Charlene Malone

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Subject: Wing thrill of BT h'bird

> Kathleen Anderson asked in a  post to Mobirds:
> Subject: broad-tailed hummingbird
> From: Kathleen Anderson <andersonka AT CENTURYTEL.NET>
> Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2008 16:05:36 -0400
> I would be interested in how the broad-tailed hummingbird produces the 
> wing
> whir and how it can "turn it off".
> Kathleen Anderson, Columbia
> ------------
> From the book, "Hummingbirds of North America" by Sheri Williamson
> "WING SOUND of adult male is a bright silvery trill, created by modified 
> outer primaries.
> Immature and molting males are silent, but there is evidence that the 
> sound can be deliberately muffled."
> -------------
> Probably, after being banded AND being harassed constantly by male AND 
> female Ruby-throated Hummingbirds,
> this bird does not want to announce it's presence so it can slip in to 
> actually get a sip at the feeders.
> ALSO........
> IF (!!!) birders remain quiet or at least hold it down to a low din, the 
> trill can be heard easily even at a distance if one can
> hear upper range sounds.
> HOPE the bird is still around.........ANY WORD folks?
> Good birding,
> Charlene Malone
> St. Louis co.
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