I spent about 6 hours (6 AM to 12 PM) covering Union Ridge CA in Adair, 
Sullivan, and Putnam counties this morning.  I have never been able to 
get there during the breeding season-- and given the nice weather I 
decided to cover as much of the area as I could.

Several birds classified as rare in N. MO during the summer were in 
evidence.  The most numerous were OVENBIRDS, with a count of 26 singing 
birds (!!).  Had I hiked further into the woods in many locations it 
could have been much closer to 50.  A lone BLUE-WINGED WARBLER was 
acting territorial in the northwest portion of the area (parking lot A, 
I believe?).  A RED-SHOULDERED HAWK (or perhaps two) called 
consistently from the woods around the marsh as I waded around it.  
Lastly, a lone male BLUE-WINGED TEAL was flushed from the marsh as well.

Other noteworthy birds include roughly 10 Bobolinks, all found in 
private pasture outside the area.  Good numbers of Bobwhite and Y-B 
Chats around too, mostly within the area boundaries. I hear more 
pheasants at U.R.C.A. consistently than anywhere else I've been. A 
Red-headed Woodpecker was also nice to see.  

Conspicuous in their absence on my list were Downy Woodpeckers, 
Carolina Wrens, and a couple of other expected species.  Species total 
was in the neighborhood of 65 at the conservation area.  Data will be 
on CACHE when is back up.

Phil Wire
Kirksvlle, Adair Co.
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Phil Wire
Truman State University

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