Banding the hummer was not a mistake and needs no apology or even an explanation.  Banding has scientific merit and the outcome of the act of banding is not certain - obviously some birds leave and some stay.  We've all chased birds that weren't banded or collected - they just decided to leave or stay without an apparent reason.  And some birders are inconvenienced - oh well - such is the life of a birder!  

Fisher suggests forewarning potential travelers of possible impacts on their success.  That's easy enough to accomplish and a head's-up is always appreciated.  The weekend activities that were pre-planned around our home precluded my traveling to Farmington, but if that little sucker hangs around, I'll be lurking in the garden!

Thanks to all for keeping the rest of us apprised!

Chris Hobbs
Shawnee, KS
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