This past weekend we canoed two Ozark rivers,  11 miles June 7 on the James R. (down to Galena sw of Springfield, pretty wide river, a little high but not in trees, somewhat murky, very few obstacles or even narrowing) and about 12 miles on June 9 and 10 on the Jacks Fork (Alley Spring down to Two Rivers), narrower, twisting, more obstacles, but no problems, clear water.    So one on sw side of Ozarks, one on east-central.   As expected,  mostly same birds.   Most notable difference was we heard no Prothonotaries on the Jacks Fork, while maybe saw and/or heard 8 on the James.    No Kingfishers on the James, only one near takeout on Jacks Fork---what are other folks finding about them?   Was this just variation, or have they been hit by West Nile like Jays and crows?   Also heard only one chickadee (Carolina).   Here is our list (marked JR  or JF if only on that stream, otherwise listed on both.   Another situation reminding us that if we were from Mongolia or China (where we are going this fall), Borneo or Bali (where we went last year), Kenya or Uganda (two years ago) we would have had a much smaller list.   I didnít take binocs on river, but there were maybe 7 species we saw well enough to be able to identify if we didnít already know them, and most were song-only.   Numbers are fairly rough estimates in many cases, and listings are from memory:  

Great  Blue  Heron   10
Green Heron   15
Canada Goose   1  (JR)
Wood Duck  1  (JF)
Bob-White   1 (JR)
Killdeer   1 (JR)
Mourning Dove    10
Yellow-billed Cuckoo    12
Barred Owl    1  (JR))
Chuck-willís Widow    1  (JF)
Chimney Swift   8 
hummingbird  1  (JF)
Belted Kingfisher    1  (JF)
Yellow-shafted flicker    3
Pileated Woodpecker   1  (JR)
Red-bellied Woodpecker    8
Downy Woodpecker    6
Great Crested Flycatcher    6
Eastern Phoebe    6
E. Wood Pewee    1 (JF)
rough-winged Swallow    25
Barn Swallow    20 (JF--big horse barn complex at Eminence)
Blue Jay 3
crow    15
Carolina Chickadee   1   (JR)
Tufted Titmouse    5
Carolina Wren      12
Mockingbird   3
Catbird    5
Am. Robin   8
E.  Bluebird    5
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher   1 (JF)
Starling   5
Red-eyed Vireo    12
White-eyed Vireo    20
Warbling Vireo   1 (JR)
Prothonotary Warbler    8  (JR)
Parula Warbler    20
Louisiana Waterthrush    10
Yellowthroat    10
Yellow-breasted Chat   4
Blue-wing Warbler   1 (JF)
grackle    8
Brown-headed Cowbird    4
House Sparrow    15
Cardinal    15
lndigo Bunting    20
Am. Goldfinch  2

There were other birds whose calls I have let slip, such as  Dedroica warblers.

Not many turtles on James, but some covering lots on Jacks Fork--over 20 slider-types in one case.   And a few softshells.
Frogs--Bullfrog, Green,  Cricket,  a leopard (R pipiens group),  some sort of tree frog (similar to common)---these were all calls.  

On shoulder of highway from West Plains to Springfield,  saw 6 armadillo roadkills.   I donít think they have gotten up here to Jackson County yet.

Did not see any snakes, crocodiles, or hippos.

--Dick Dawson
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