Valley View Glade, not really in the southeast part of the state but maybe close enough, normally has Chuck-will’s-widows calling during the evening in early June.  We have often heard Whippoorwills calling simultaneously at this location.

John Solodar
University City
St. Louis County, MO

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On 6/11/08 3:59 PM, "Ryan Douglas" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Missouri Birders-

Phil Wire recently asked the list for some information about birding the southeast corner of the state for my benefit. Most of my birding in Missouri was done around Kirksville and St. Louis, so I really appreciate the suggestions that were sent along, especially by Phil. Expect to see a trip report based on his itinerary early next week. If the trip's a bust, he'll be to blame. :-)

Anyways, one thing I'd really like to hear while I'm in the area for a few days is a Chuck-will's-widow. Has anyone heard one (anywhere) this year? Or does anyone know places that have historically harbored them? Off-list replies are appreciated!!!

Good birding,
Ryan Douglas

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