Valley View Glade, not really in the southeast part of the state but maybe
close enough, normally has Chuck-willıs-widows calling during the evening in
early June.  We have often heard Whippoorwills calling simultaneously at
this location.

John Solodar 
University City
St. Louis County, MO

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On 6/11/08 3:59 PM, "Ryan Douglas" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Missouri Birders-
> Phil Wire recently asked the list for some information about birding the
> southeast corner of the state for my benefit. Most of my birding in Missouri
> was done around Kirksville and St. Louis, so I really appreciate the
> suggestions that were sent along, especially by Phil. Expect to see a trip
> report based on his itinerary early next week. If the trip's a bust, he'll be
> to blame. :-)
> Anyways, one thing I'd really like to hear while I'm in the area for a few
> days is a Chuck-will's-widow. Has anyone heard one (anywhere) this year? Or
> does anyone know places that have historically harbored them? Off-list replies
> are appreciated!!!
> Good birding,
> Ryan Douglas

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