I'll wild guess Green Heron.
Larry H.  Joplin, Jasper County, MO. 
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  Hi List,

  My wife and I were in our kitchen and both just happened to catch 
  two birds flying across the field behind our house.

  This was one of those split-second, corner of the eye glimpses,
  that we both caught, but that makes those of us who watch for birds
  know that something different had just entered, and quickly left,
  our field of view. <G>

  The birds were predominantly black, slightly larger than grackles.

  Even though we only saw them for a nano-second, we both noticed
  what appeared to be a heron-like appearance, "pulled-in" neck in flight
  and legs trailing behind.

  The lead bird had what appeared to be a red rump, much as a Northern
  Harrier has a white rump in winter --- that's the closest comparison
  I can think of at the moment. we didn't see any red on the
  trailing bird, except for what we both thought might have 
  been reddish, or rusty colored legs.

  If we both hadn't seen the same "similarities", we agreed that we 
  probably would have thought it was our imagination.

  Looking through Sibley and Peterson, the Least Bittern best
  fits the size and body shape description -- but the wings and overall
  color was really much darker to black.

  We live about 16 miles west of the Mississippi and do, occasionally,
  see birds "out here" that must venture away from the river for a day's
  outing. ;o)

  Any thoughts???

  John Hitzeman
  Troy/Lincoln County

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