We began by checking out the Mississippi Kite location (not nest) off Lindeman Rd south of Manchester Rd in Kirkwood which was originally reported by Margy Terpstra and Barbara Estill in early May.  After walking the neighborhood, we were rewarded by Margie Richardson spotting one bird out hunting for breakfast with talons down and ready as it flew by low..
After that we went to SNR in Franklin County in search of Hooded Warbler, Acadian FC, Henslow's Sparrow primarily.  We were successful in finding the bird which was singing in hiding in the dense foliage near the manor house.  Unfortunately, he remained hidden which is not the way to find a life bird (Paul Brockland's nemesis bird).  Paul did get an excellent look at a second life bird, the Acadian Flycatcher, as a nice consolation prize. 
Yellow-breasted Chat and Prairie Warbler were highlights seen from the overlooks of the glade area near the Trail House.  A field sparrow flew in to have Derick take his picture near the teepee in the prairie area.  The Henslow sparrows made us work with a climb up the prairie trail to the platform.  On the way Richard Coles identified the song of a Scarlet Tanager, another of Paul's life bird wannabes.  Richard saw if fly off and disappear.  We heard and saw at least two Henslows, probably three before we were able to approarch one to within about 20 feet and study and photograph him from all sides as he sang from just off the path before flying off.  There were several chats singing.  We saw E Bluebirds, Summer Tanagers, plenty of Indigo Buntings and heard Blue-winged Warblers.  We didn't go down the Brush Creek Trail and saw only Red-tailed Hawk and Turkey Vultures before leaving for our last bird.
We drove down to the farm land beyond Labadie for our annual Lark Sparrow which Paul spotted on the wire just after we passed the farm's house, barns and sheds.  No work at all for this last of our target birds for the day. 
It had been a hot and windy afternoon, but we had enjoyed seeing and listening to some great area nesters.
Jackie Chain
St Louis County
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