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29 May:
We visited Columbia Bottom hoping for the Black-necked Stilts (which we missed) and Riverlands.  It was an oriole day with more than one Baltimore and various ages of Orchards.  Also seen among others were Grasshopper Sparrows, Dickcissels, Horned Larks, N Bob Whites, Cedar Waxwings, Summer Tanager and Yellow Leg species, Blue-winged Teal pairs, Red-tailed Hawks and Turkey Vultures, Blue Jays and several brilliant Indigo Buntings.  The numbers and variety of shorebirds were way down.  We did see several Little Blue Herons and many Cattle Egrets in Pool 2.  We could not find any Willow Flycatchers though Richard Coles heard a distant one calling from an island of trees.. 
From the Ramp to Nowhere, Richard Coles heard a rare amphibian and Paul Brockland saw a sandy burrow with what looked to him like a badger that emerged, then disappeared.  A second large burrow was discovered on the south of the main road which housed two more of the mammals.  While one carload was waiting for them to re-appear, (they did not) Pat Brock Diener spotted a N Bob-white standing on the exposed roots of the next large tree, calling and staring at us.  We had been trying to catch sight of one of the calling birds all morning.
At Riverlands, we did not refind an American Bittern seen that morning, nor either of the Moorhens that had been there on 24 May.  There were additional Indigo Buntings.  A singing Prothonotary Warbler was seen against dark leaves on the road to the dam, while on the other side of the road Richard Coles identified a Greater Scaup.
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