Around 5:50 this evening we headed to Prairie Point Elementary (Park Hill 
School District, Platte County) to pick up one of our kids from softball 
practice. Looked up to see a gray bird with angular wings soaring above the 
car as we were pulling into the school drive. I fumbled around for my bins to 
find them ultimately NOT present in the car. Shock and horror! Note to self: 
Rebirdify car after vacation BEFORE leaving house in said car. :)

I jumped out of the car and watched the adult MIKI for about 10 minutes. The 
kite soared high and low and flew right over my head two times. Did a graceful 
pull-up straight into the sky as well as a couple of nice dives. The kite would 
soar out in the open around the front of the school, then back over the trees, 
then back into the open by the school. 

When the kids were let out of practice, we raced home to get the bins and 
raced back. The kite put in one last flight by the school allowing a brief 10x 
closer view. Then it flew off over the trees, perhaps seeking a place to wait 
out the impending storm!

I will keep my eyes open for it this week. 

Laura Gilchrist
Kansas City, MO
Platte County
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