South St. Louis county. Sunday June 7.   
Ya can't help but like this vireo. 
1st: it's scientific name Vireo bellii, that's interpretable. 
2nd: it's our rarest breeding vireo, yet findable.
3rd: it stays near the ground.
4th: it sings a lot. Thus we don't chase it or really look at it.
But you can't hear it on these pics:
A glimpse here:
And a glimpse there:
Yeah, the eye was dark, and there is some sort of eye-brow-ring:
Yellow wash below, whitish spectacles kinda:
There is the swollen vireo bill:
Looks big-headed, is that wing bar(s)?
There it is:
Glad this guy sings a lot:
Bill Rudden
St. Louis
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