Having missed about three weekends of birding, I took a quick look at Lost
Valley Saturday close to noon. Big potholes right at the entrance off the

It was not very birdy. There is some mud but you can walk around it, and
bugs were not bad.  The rain had washed off a lot of the brush on the stream
side, so a lot of ground nesters had suffered. The other side of the road
looked normal. Did not get to the beaver pond.

Heard some vireos and common yellowthroat, but after less than an hour, came
back with only Acadian Flycatcher for my year list. Also a waterthrush right
on the road, in a puddle. There may be residents back there in the sunnier
parts, but did not find my chat.

Blue Grosbeak trail had two Blue Grosbeaks, one seemed like a youngster, and
the usual suspects. It was birdier than Lost Valley.

We went as a group to Busch, but it was mostly singers there, and Purple
Martins at feeder. Pat will report the list somewhere.

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