It's a coolish, windy, sunny day in my backyard and the birds, though "usual", seem peaceful and pretty.  Well, there is a dead starling lying in the yard which is being ignored by all. A northern cardinal pair are still sharing food.A pair of goldfinches are at the feeder. A downy woodpecker likes the nectar, with no hummingbirds in sight.  The critters (today mostly squirrels and their cousins), peacefully munch away. 
    Now, the question is : birds and "feelings".. My bird book says that birds are not sentimental creatures, their behavior is survival driven.    I have seen robins building a nest outside my office window, a very meticulous nest of mostly small sticks, then lined by the female with her small feathers.. no trash or extraneous material.   So earlier in the week, in my neighborhood , I saw a robin in a catawba tree (with it's wonderfully fragrant,lovely blooms).  The robin had a bloom in its mouth.  I was distracted and did not see where the robin took the bloom.  What is the draw to the blossom for the robin?
If you read my posts, you have noted that I perhaps too often inject my feelings as I understand the goings on.  So my first thought," Wow, that robin is taking that blossom to the nest.  a gift? "  Any learned thoughts?
Jane Allen
St. Louis County
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