Dianne and I drove the loop from Chilli to Swan Lake NWR, Chariton Co. and back during the middle part of the day. Despite dodging rainshowers found several species unusual for North Mo. in Summer. Flooding and high water levels all over.
 Stopped by Pershing State Park, Linn Co. on way. Saw a Red-shouldered Hawk perched with wings spread trying to dry out at North end of Park. Heard Hooded Warbler singing just North of Boardwalk as we watched water from Locust Creek pouring out underneath. Barred Owl called in the distance.  No sign of the Fish crows this time.  Two Loggerhead Shrikes at RR crossing on YY South of PSP.
 Swan Lake pool really is a LAKE this year with lots of water and some water birds! Four male Ringed-neck Ducks, 25 or so American Coots, and 15+ Double-crested Cormorants. May be other stuff out there couldn't see? May have to take boat down? Heard a Pied-billed Grebe calling.I would prefer to see more Marsh habitat and birds, but hopefully that will come again in near future?  
 South of the Visitor Center Dianne spotted an adult White-faced Ibis feeding around a floodle. Heard a Prothonotary Warbler singing across from South pool next to where the road was under water AGAIN. Saw a pair of Bobwhite Quail running down the road - one of several we saw out in the roads today. White-tailed Deer were visible many places - a little unusual for time of day it was - probably due to high water around the area. Saw several White Pelicans in pool South of Silver Lake. The road across spillway there still had water over it but was open and passable at the time. Saw three Terns perched on snags way out in lake - probably Forester's, but couldn't be sure at that distance. Red-shouldered Hawk flew across road east side of Silver Lake.  
    Three adult Yellow-crowned Night Herons were feeding in fallow field with small floodles inside of east gate area. This species has shown up there for several years now.
 Saw pair of Scissortail Flycatchers at electric substation off blacktop JJ, SE part of Livingston Co., on way home. They have nested there last few years. Saw another LH Shrike and Nothern Mockingbird on gravel road nearby but did not see other STFL that had also nested in previous years. 
Western Kingbird at electric substation where they have nested last two years in south part of Chillcothe.
Later, Steve Kinder
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