Board Members,
I want to inform you of an upcoming bit of information that is going to require an explanation. When you receive your June issue of the Bluebird there is a short message from Clint Tremmel about his stepping down as the editor. Without talking to me first he has announced that Bill Eddleman will be the new editor. Let me first say that it has been very difficult in trying to get people to commit to filling some of the vacancies that ASM has,both on the board and executive committee. Now let me explain.
When I had talked with Bill early on about the position of vice-president our conversation covered several issues concerning the duties and responsibilities and general information. It was also brought out that Bill would really like a shot at being the editor if the position ever came up. When Clint told me that he was stepping down after the June issue of the Bluebird was published, I pondered on not only what was I going to do but who was the best person for the job. I decided to go back to Bill and offer the editorship to him first. He accepted. In the mean time I had contacted Bruce Beck who is a current member of our board, and had a very nice conversation with him about the position of vice-president. After approximately 4 -5 days, Bruce sent me a message saying that he would accept the offer of vice-president that includes continuing on as the next president. Now we have an opening on the board that we need to fill.
My deepest apologies to you as members of the board, but the search process is very time consuming and things don't always fall into place like we would hope. As of now the plan is this. Bill Eddleman will remain as the vice-president until the fall meeting of this year.  At which time he will step down from the MBRC and the position of VP and I'll appoint him as editor of the Bluebird. Also, I will present Bruce Beck to be approved for the position of vice-president and fill the empty board slot with (hopefully) someone who will commit to our organization.
I know this has been very brief and some of you may have question, therefore, please feel free to contact me either personally or to the entire board and I will answer your inquiries. All of this has been going on along with negotiating an agreement with the DNR and starting the process for the CACHE agreement which CACHE III ends at the end of this month.
And finally, please send me any ideas, thoughts, issues that you would like to have on the agenda for the fall meeting. I am starting to formulate the agenda and I want to have some idea of where we will be going.
Thanks for your support,
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