OK - I got through. The phone number is that of Bill Reeves, and the bird is
at his house.  It is using the back deck feeder mostly.  He welcomes anyone
who wants to come, and no reason to call him ahead of time.  Here is the
information (and yes, this would represent a 1st state record).

Following Hwy 67 south toward Farmington, go 3 miles past the Hwy W exit to
Hildebrecht Road (which is on the right).  Take Hildebrecht Road right from
Hwy 67.  Go about a 1/4 mile and turn left into Winchester Hills
Subdivision.  Follow up a hill past Wild Horse Drive (less than a 1/2 mile).
Bill's house is the second house on the right, past Wild Horse Drive.  The
address is 20 Winchester Road....  Pull down the driveway and watch the
feeder on the deck, which is the one it is coming to the most.  However, he
did say it is all over the yard and constantly trilling.

Good Luck,
Josh Uffman
RBA will come soon..  Promise.

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I was told through the grapevine that there is a confirmed BROAD-TAILED
HUMMINGBIRD coming to a feeder in Farmington.  It is said it is at Bill
Reeves house - Not 100% sure on this.

Additionally, I was told call 573-756-2994 for further information.  Not
sure whose number this is?  I have tried to call it numerous times and it
has been busy.

However, I was told to post this, so I am.

I am sure more information will follow.  Sorry to be so vague.


Joshua Uffman
St. Louis County
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