Phil's finds of these species in northeast Missouri may reflect:
a. more birding in an area that has been neglected, historically,
b. expanding ranges (perhaps due to climate change),
c. both of the above.

Phil has birded northeast MO often during his time as a student at  
Truman State University.  Our knowledge of bird occurrence has  
increased appreciably due to his efforts.  He's been a regular  
contributor to CACHE/SPARKS, so his finds are a part of the record  
and will be reflected in future Annotated Checklists of Missouri.

Thanks, Phil.  [Isn't it great to do something of value while having  

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO
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On Jun 11, 2008, at 1:48 PM, Phil Wire wrote:

> A quick walk on the trail at Big Creek CA in Adair county from 6-8 AM
> this morning produced some pretty good resident birds.  The male
> PRAIRIE WARBLER (casual summer resident in N. MO, but not sure if this
> one's a breeder--does it need to be doc'ed anyway?) is still around,
> though this time it was singing from farther off the trail... still in
> the vicinity of where the trail crosses Big Creek though.
> Other rare birds included 3 WHITE-EYED VIREOS (rare in N. MO) and at
> least 3 BLUE-WINGED WARBLERS (likewise).  Otherwise the winds kept
> things pretty quiet.
> Phil Wire
> Kirksville, Adair Co.
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