To all readers of MOBIRDS-L:

As previously announced, three positions on the Missouri Bird Records  
Committee are coming open this September.  Some excellent nominations  
were received, both internally from current Committee members and  
externally from other ASM members.  Out of this strong field, the  
following three new members have been elected:

Position 2 (occupied by Tommie Rogers), 1 year remaining:  Walter  
Wehtje of Columbia
Position 3 (occupied by Bill Goodge), 2 years remaining:  Joe Eades  
of St. Louis
Position 5 (occupied by Bill Eddleman), new term of 4 years:  Kristi  
Mayo of Kearney

The numbering of the positions is arbitrary, and the newly-elected  
members were assigned to their positions by lot.  Those filling  
Positions 2 and 3 will be eligible for re-election for full terms at  
the end of their incomplete terms.

The new members have been invited to attend the summer meeting of the  
MBRC on July 12.  We congratulate them on their election and look  
forward to working with them!

Bill Rowe, Secretary
St. Louis
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