Bill Clark and I took our Osher summer birding class to Carl R. Noren  
Access in Callaway Co. on the Missouri River, immediately upstream  
from the US 63/54 bridge to Jefferson City.

En route, we found both Western Kingbirds (including a nest on the  
back of a billboard) and an apparent pair of Scissor-tailed  
Flycatchers on the north side of the property of Bronze Star  
Trucking.  This site is reached from the north by turning right onto  
Renz Rd. (to the old prison farm).   This road parallels 63 on the  
west side, going beyond the prison farm into the old Cedar City area.

The entrance to this road is at the third billboard, coming from the  
north.  The nest billboard is the first one north of the trucking  
company driveway.  Please do not block the drive.  The manager/ 
employees are now aware that there are unusual birds on their  
property that are attracting the attention of weird people.  They  
seemed congenial--curious and a bit perplexed--the trucking people,  
that is.  We were just normal birdwatchers--I know that's oxymoronic.

 From the south, this area is reached by exiting US 54/63 at Rt. W  
(Jeff City airport exit) and going west on Cedar City Rd. to the MFA  
facility, then turning right onto Renz Rd. and going north to Bronze  
Star Trucking.

At the MFA facility were 3 newly hatched Killdeer in the gravel near  
the pavement.  This is the area where 2 Western Kingbirds nested last  
year and were seen earlier this year.

At the parking area for Noren Access, two Western Kingbirds were  
observed.  We're not sure how many individuals were seen, but there  
could have been 5 or 6 today.

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO
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