FWIW - Here's the direct link to the Microbe-Lift page. You can navigate
from there to more specific info.


The company is Ecological Laboratories, Inc.

It only took me about a minute to find it after just reading Margy's first
post. Look for the page called "Science Behind the Smell".

Apparently, the stuff only smells like sulfuric acid when you open the bottle.
Then, they say it flashes off once put into your fountain, bubbler, etc.

Is that right, Margy? Or, does it smell like that for an extended period.

They say the hydrogen sulfide keeps the active bacteria in a sort of a
sleep mode, until it's put into water, then the bacteria wake up.

Interesting stuff.

John Hitzeman
Troy, MO

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I should have looked at the Microbe-lift website first! Look under "What product should I use" and there is a list for Birdbaths and fountains. A cleaner and several other products are listed. However, they don't list algae as a problem there. I would suggest you contact them directly for suggestions. 
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> No answer to my question about controlling algae in birdbaths, but 
> several folks have said "If you find out, please tell me!" The total 
> silence on this issue otherwise makes me think I was mistaken in my 
> recall that someone had addressed this issue on Mobirds. 

> Gail Ahumada 
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