I've got a friend coming to Missouri from out of state in mid-June and 
I have given him directions on how to enjoy a day birding in the 
Bootheel.  There are a few things I cannot remember, and would like a 
little info on, for those who can be of help--

Where exactly in East Prairie are the White-winged Doves?  If I went 
there I'd remember it as soon as I saw it, but I can't describe where 
it is very well.

Where exactly at Donaldson Point CA is the stand of cane for Swainson's 
Warbler?  Been there, but my memory just took a day off I guess.  Has 
anyone seen it this year? I don't remember any posts about it.

Has anyone checked on the Benton heronry to see if it is still where it 
was last year, or if it has moved?

Lastly, are there any closed/degraded areas because of flooding?  I saw 
on MDC's web site that Ten Mile Pond CA was closed last week, but 
haven't heard any reports from down south about anything else.

Thanks for answers to any of the above questions if you can provide 

Phil Wire
Kirksville, Adair Co.
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Phil Wire
Truman State University

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