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Just a hop,skip and a jump across IL for East-siders. (~ 4 hour drive. LESS than Saylorville by 1.5 hours)

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 Subject: RBA: Fork-tailed Flycatcher in INDIANA
From: Phil Kelly <phil AT PJKELLY.NET>
Date: Sat, 31 May 2008 13:16:32 -0000

Hello IN-BIRD-Lers,

Jim and Susan Hengeveld just called with a report of a FORK-TAILED FLYCATCHER
in INDIANA. They were with a group of birders that found the bird that included
Bob Kissell, Don Whitehead, Don Allen, and Pam ??.

The bird is located in OWEN county, south west of Indianapolis.
Initial directions from the field were that the bird was located on County Road
650 South, just east of Lick Creek.

Off of Indiana 67 take county road 50 east (also called Pleasant Bethel) take
this about 1/2 mile and turn LEFT onto WAGLER. Go on WAGNER for about 2 miles
(possibly a little less), at the end of Wagler (it T's) turn RIGHT onto
JACKSON. JACKSON ends (Ts) and turn LEFT. It is THIS road that is bird was
located, about 1 mile from Jackson. It is in a field just beyond woods. The
bird was on a fencepost in a field, BEFORE you get to the creek on the right
side of the road.

A set of GPS coordinates was also provided:
N 39 11.0534
W 86 59.6677

I have generated a quick Google map here:,-86.987858&spn=0.083155,0.126514&t=h&z=13&msid=108149899606412736796.00044e864c99b34baf300

Phil Kelly
phil at pjkelly dot net
Kokomo, IN, USA
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