* Missouri
* Statewide
* 30 May 2008
* MOST0805.30
- Species Mentioned
White-Faced Ibis
King Rail
Common Moorhen
Black-necked Stilt
Western Sandpiper
Laughing Gull
Scissor-tailed Flycatcher
Blue-winged Warbler
Cerulean Warbler
Prothonotary Warbler

Coverage:  Missouri Statewide
Compiler:  Joshua Uffman
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Compiled:  30 May 2008
This is the Friday, May 30, 2008 Missouri Rare Bird
Alert, a statewide service of the Audubon Society of
Missouri, serving the birding community of Missouri
since 1901. The bird alert is compiled from reports
submitted by ASM members and other birders throughout
the state.
** NOTE: The report includes birds that are listed as
rare, casual, or accidental on the August 2007
Annotated Checklist of Missouri Birds.  Species that
appear in ALL CAPS in the "Species Mentioned" section
are listed as "casual" or "accidental" and thus
require documentation. (Note that some birds may be
considered rare only during a particular season or in
a particular part of the state.) The Missouri
checklist can be accessed at: **


BLACK-NECKED STILTS continue in the St. Louis area
with at least 2 being routinely seen at Columbia
Bottom CA (St. Louis Co.) since at least Saturday, May
17.  However, on Wednesday, May 28, Boris Chevone
reported 4 BLACK-NECKED STILTS were present.  While on
Friday, May 30, Frank Holmes reports 10 BLACK-NECKED
STILTS were there.  These birds have been observed at
various locations along the gravel road that begins on
the right, just after passing through the main
entrance of the CA.  

On Friday, May 23, 2 BLACK-NECKED STILTS were found on
the Lincoln Shields side of Riverlands M.B.S. (St.
Charles Co.).  These birds were last seen in Ellis Bay
on Monday, May 26.  At least one of the 2 COMMON
MOORHENS found in Heron Pond on Saturday, May 24, was
seen on Friday, May 30.  Seven WHIMBREL were observed
in Ellis Bay just before they flew north by Joe Eades
and Dave Rogles on Monday, May 26.  Lastly for
Riverlands M.B.S., on Monday, May 26, Bill Rowe and
Roger McNeill found an adult LAUGHING GULL on the
Lincoln Shields side.  Later the same day, Dave
Rogles, Jim Malone, and Charlene Malone observed 9
was still present in Ellis Bay on Friday, May 30.


A CERULEAN WARBLER was found by Nancy Leo and Tracy
Wohl on Monday, May 26, at Platte Falls CA (Clay Co.)
near one of the boat ramps accessing the Platte River.
 To reach the boat ramp go east on the hwy HH exit
(exit 19) from I-29, take the first left on Knighton
Rd. and follow to the bottom of a long hill.  At that
point you will reach a fork in the road where you have
2 boat ramps and 2 gravel parking lots.  The CERULEAN
WARBLER was seen or heard at the boat ramp area to the
left (west).  This bird was also observed in an oak
tree near the restroom up the hill from the boat
ramps.  Additionally, Laura Gilchrist observed a
PROTHONOTARY WARBLER in this same area the same day.

Doug Willis heard a KING RAIL grunting and observed at
least one COMMON MOORHEN while at Cooley Lake CA (Clay
Co.) on Wednesday, May 28.

Larry Lade reported on May 25 and 26 that 2
WHITE-FACED IBIS were at the west end of Horseshoe
Lake (Buchanan Co.).  Also on Monday, May 26, Bob
Fisher reported seeing 2 WESTERN SANDPIPERS. 
Horseshoe Lake is just south of Saint Joseph off of
hwy 59 on Pettet Rd.  


Edge Wade observed 3 WESTERN SANDPIPERS at Eagle
Bluffs CA (Boone Co.) on Monday, May 26.  Later the
same day, Jonathan and Michelle Pons observed a single

Vanessa Melton reports a SCISSOR-TAILED FLYCATCHER has
been present on the power lines along North Booth
Lane, near Woodlandville (Boone Co.), since May 10. 
She last observed this bird on Sunday, May 25.  


Phil Wire reported BLUE-WINGED WARBLERS continue at
Union Ridge CA (Adair/Sullivan Co.ís) as recent as
Sunday, May 25.  Phil first noted these birds on
Monday, May 12. 

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