While we are still enjoying the Orange Parade at the oriole feeder, there
have been plenty of other jelly eaters.  We have perhaps four or five pairs
of Baltimores coming in regularly for jelly (they just ignore the orange
halves.)  Also eating jelly are catbirds, cardinals, robins, house finches
and the occasional grackle and starling (they aren't there much).  The
robins are the biggest pigs, but the orioles and catbirds are the most
frequent visitors. 

This spring, we've had to watch carefully, as every female oriole looks
different (with some younger males, probably) but we've also had a female
Summer tanager, and a female Orchard oriole, both new for the yard.

A surprise this evening is a female Indigo bunting...eating jelly???  I wish
her husband would drop in!

And any left over disappears during the night, no doubt to a possum with a
sweet tooth.

Regardless, you never know what you might entice with an oriole feeder
stocked with grape jelly.  Just don't forget to hang it under an ant guard!

Heidi McCullough
Kansas City, North (Platte Co)

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