I heard an uncommon bird vocalization this week. I looked up on the cable line that goes across the back and saw a dark bird in silhouette.  I watched and then it flew down to the feeders, mostly pecking at the ground.  I was surprised to see a red-wing blackbird.
    I live in a quiet residential neighborhood, small homes, small yard. Behind it is Grant's trail which has vegetation along the sides, and is not really that open a space. Beyond the trail is an industrial park and then south of that is Crestwood mall (or whatever it's current name is). Get the picture?? This is not open land. There are large trees like one might see in an older neighborhood.  Yet, I have had grackles, American crows, starlings, brown-headed cowbirds, many sparrows, and various raptors-- red-tail hawks, cooper's hawks, one sharp-shinned hawk, Mississippi kites flying over (and opossums, woodchucks, raccoons, many squirrels, chipmunks, snakes, and resident rabbits).    I once lived near Denver ,Colorado, and camped and hiked in the mountains near there.  I was amazed at how little amount of wildlife I saw there (except for many groundhogs). Perhaps the wildlife there was less tame and less visible.  And then I lived on a hillside near Monterey, CA ( and no, I did not watch the birds), but I did not see the variety of animals in my yard there as I do here (and the "critters" were here  before the feeders). 
   I wonder what will fly in next. 
Jane Allen
St. Louis County
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