Thank you for pointing this out, Bob.  I get a LOT of questions about our 
bubbler and soon I will be adding even more information and photos to this 
link.  I do not have photos of the TGP bubbler, and have contacted Jim 
Rathert on this.  If anyone does, please let me know, too. As Bob states, 
the water is piped through the rock and bubbles or pours over it, but does 
not recirculate.  It just flows into gravel at the base and then outward 
into moisture loving vegetation.  For a park setting, a pond with a bubbler 
such as ours would need maintenance weekly or biweekly, specifically 
cleaning the filter and adding Microbe-Lift P/L to control algae. In the 
interest of water conservation, the TGP setup is probably not the best.

There are other options for people to check out by using a search engine and 
putting in:  "pondless waterfalls". These do recirculate and have a 
reservoir for the water that is concealed under rock.  They can also be put 
on a timer and run only during the day.  They do require electricity for the 
pump and timer, as well as a water source for refilling. These are really a 
fancier version of the Roth model listed below. One might also search: "bird 
creek" or "bird basin" and come up with other ideas.

There are many good bubbler or bird creek examples out there.  If MOBIRDERS 
would like to contribute information on their setup and photos, please let 
me know.  There is definitely a growing interest in adding water features 
that attract birds to our yards and small parks and I would like to 
coordinate these examples for Patrick to add to the MOBIRDS site.

Margy Terpstra
Kirkwood, St. Louis Co, MO
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> There is quite a bit of descriptive discussion about bubblers (including a 
> description of the TGP bubbler and illustrative diagrams of three others) 
> on the ASM web site at 
> For a photo and diagram of the Terpstra bubbler, click on 
> For a diagram of the Roth model, click on 
> For a diagram of the Korotev model, click on 
> I have a photo of the TGP bubbler somewhere in my computer, but I don't 
> remember the file name and cannot find it. All that you see is a brownish 
> boulder with a flat but somewhat concave surface. Evidently, water from a 
> city water pipe goes directly to the boulder and pours onto the surface, 
> puddling in the concave area and spilling out over the sides.
> Bob Fisher
> Independence, Missouri
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