This is the third or fourth summer that we've had Red-winged  
Blackbirds regularly visiting our feeder in Soulard (St. Louis  
city).  A neighbor across the alley told me she sees them at her  
feeder, too.

A visitor I'm waiting to see from my window, maybe perched on a wire  
over the alley, is one of the Western Kingbirds that nest a few  
blocks away.

Sherry McCowan
Saint Louis, Missouri

On May 30, 2008, at 8:20 AM, Susan Eaton wrote:

> Jane, I live in Kirkwood in a neighborhood similar to yours.   
> Several years ago, in the spring, I had a small flock of 10-12 Red- 
> winged Blackbirds that stayed around my yard for 2 or 3 days.   
> Never had them before or after.   Five or six years ago when we put  
> in our backyard pond, the day we filled it with water, there were  
> two Eastern Kingbirds out there, swooping down to the surface of  
> the water.  I couldn't decide if they were after the tiny goldfish  
> we had just put in, or whether they were just bathing in the  
> water.  Never saw them again either.  I love it when these unusual  
> visitors stop by for a while.
> Susan Eaton
> Kirkwood, St. Louis CO., MO
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> On Fri, May 30, 2008 at 12:30 AM, J C Allen  
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>     I heard an uncommon bird vocalization this week. I looked up on  
> the cable line that goes across the back and saw a dark bird in  
> silhouette.  I watched and then it flew down to the feeders, mostly  
> pecking at the ground.  I was surprised to see a red-wing blackbird.
>     I live in a quiet residential neighborhood, small homes, small  
> yard. Behind it is Grant's trail which has vegetation along the  
> sides, and is not really that open a space. Beyond the trail is an  
> industrial park and then south of that is Crestwood mall (or  
> whatever it's current name is). Get the picture?? This is not open  
> land. There are large trees like one might see in an older  
> neighborhood.  Yet, I have had grackles, American crows, starlings,  
> brown-headed cowbirds, many sparrows, and various raptors-- red- 
> tail hawks, cooper's hawks, one sharp-shinned hawk, Mississippi  
> kites flying over (and opossums, woodchucks, raccoons, many  
> squirrels, chipmunks, snakes, and resident rabbits).    I once  
> lived near Denver ,Colorado, and camped and hiked in the mountains  
> near there.  I was amazed at how little amount of wildlife I saw  
> there (except for many groundhogs). Perhaps the wildlife there was  
> less tame and less visible.  And then I lived on a hillside near  
> Monterey, CA ( and no, I did not watch the birds), but I did not  
> see the variety of animals in my yard there as I do here (and the  
> "critters" were here  before the feeders).
>    I wonder what will fly in next.
> Jane Allen
> St. Louis County
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