For what it is worth:  doing solo birding, I scoured the flooded areas at Columbia Bottom indicated by prior posts today and did not see the stilts.  I did see the "man in the beige truck" who seems to be in the area , at least on Saturdays frequently.. He waved. 
    I saw no shore birds except killdeer. I saw plenty crows (most common bird on mud flats), red-winged blackbirds, quite a few eastern meadowlarks, and heard at least three bobwhite. I searched mightily for one of those. 
    At Riverlands, I did see someone in a white car watching the marshy area across from Teal pond, but when I followed, I did not see the American  Bittern.  I drove down toward the dam and did not see shorebirds nor the stilts along that way. 
   I had seen these birds earlier, I was wanting to take some pictures. 
   I qualify my report as a newer birder "out alone".  
Jane Allen
St. Louis County, St. Charles County
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