This morning about 8AM, at  the turn onto Starr School Rd, there was a male Blue Grosbeak perched on the line. Earlier this wk I observed one close to where it had beeen earlier reported farther down that road.

In Eagle Bluffs there was a Yellow-billed Cuckoo at Pool 13.

The Loon was still in the distribution channel but flexing its wings as though it might be ending its trip here.

There was a Cattle Egret also in the distribution channel.

No shorebirds, not even the Spotted.

In the Sapp track area I watched an Eagle on the ground devouring its breakfast while being watched intently by several Canadas and Great Blue Heron. They were at a bit of distance from the Eagle.  I dont remember ever seeing an Eagle harassed like one often sees Red-tailed Hawks being followed by smaller birds.  "Might makes right" or "they know their place" Or whatever.

Anne Downing
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