A large group of birders (25) was treated to a beautiful day of birding at Shaw Nature Reserve on Wednesday, May 21.  The highlight was great looks at 2 Henslow's Sparrows with bugs in their bills, feeding young?  At least 2 other Henslow's vocalizations were heard in the same field.  The group also enjoyed a sleeping Common Nighthawk, great looks at male and female Blue Grosbeaks, a Red-breasted Nuthatch, Blue-headed Vireos, Magnolia, Blue-winged, Pine, Blackpoll, Kentucky & Canada Warblers.  Below is a list of the birds seen by most of the participants, 76 species:
Pat Lueders, St. Louis Audubon
Great Blue Heron                                                        White-eyed Vireo
Turkey Vulture                                                            Yellow-throated Vireo
Red-shouldered Hawk (and big juveniles in the nest)       Blue-headed Vireo
Cooper's Hawk                                                            Warbling Vireo
Rock Pigeon                                                               Red-eyed Vireo
Mourning Dove                                                            Blue-winged Warbler
Common Nighthawk                                                    Tennessee Warbler                                   
Chimney Swift                                                             Nashville W.
Ruby-throated Hummingbird                                         N. Parula
Red-headed Woodpecker                                             Chestnut-sided W.
Red-bellied Woodpecker                                              Magnolia W.
Downy Woodpecker                                                    Pine W.
Northern Flicker                                                          Prairie W.
Eastern Wood-Pewee                                                  Blackpoll W.
Acadian Flycatcher                                                     Black-and-White W.
Least Flycatcher                                                         American Redstart
Eastern Phoebe                                                          Louisiana Waterthrush
Great Creasted Flycatcher                                           Kentucky W.
Eastern Kingbird                                                         Common Yellowthroat
Tree Swallow                                                              Canada W.
Northern Rough-Winged                                               Yellow-breasted Chat
Ruby Crowned Kinglet                                                  Scarlet Tanager
Cedar Waxwing                                                           Summer Tanager
Carolina Wren                                                             Eastern Towhee
House Wren                                                               Chipping Sparrow
Gray Catbird                                                               Field Sparrow
Brown Thrasher                                                           Henslow's Sparrow
Eastern Bluebird                                                         Northern Cardinal
Swainson's Thrush                                                      Rose-breasted Grosbeak
Wood Thrush                                                              Indigo Bunting
American Robin                                                          Red-winged Blackbird
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher                                                Common Grackle
Carolina Chickadee                                                     Brown-headed Cowbird
Tufted Titmouse                                                          Baltimore Oriole
Red-breasted Nuthatch                                                Orchard Oriole
White-breasted Nuthatch                                              American Goldfinch
Blue Jay
American Crow
E. Starling

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