For the past 10 days or so at least 2 barred owls have taken up residence in our neighborhood in central Columbia between Greenwood and Stewart near West Blvd. I have only seen them once, after dark, silowhetted against the light of a neighbors house,as they flew between the trees. They have been making a racket, however, calling to each other after it gets fully dark and before sunrise. Their calls were so loud last night that they woke me up at 4:00 a.m.!  One of the only times I actually enjoyed being woken up in the dead of night from a sound sleep.   I think from the sound that they were shouting at each other from a small redbud tree 15 feet from my bedroom window, but I could not see them because it was dark. I like to think that there is a breeding pair and they have babies who have fleged, but I have no proof.
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