I birded the Columbia Nature area on Sunday. There was lots of feathered activity, especially along the creek and along the cliffs/hillsides next to the creek. I did not keep a close count of individuals.
Wilson's warblers (many - over 15)
Orange crowned warblers -2
Canada Warbler - 1 (Male)
American Redstart at least 8 (all females - no males)
Mourning Warbler - 1 (beautiful male in full plumage)
Kentucky warbler
Oven bird
Northern Parula Warblers - 5 visual, but heard vocals from several others.
Carolina Wrens
Philadelphia vireo (at least 2 - very obvious yellow throat)
Indigo bunting (many - I did not count - they were all over the place)
Hairy woodpecker
Swainson's Thrush 5
Blue Gray Gnatcatchers (several)
Turkey vultures
and the usual susptects of Titmice, Black Capped Chickadees, Cardinals, Turkey vultures.
I ran into what appeared to be a mixed flock of feeding warblers and vireos at eye level. The birds were so focused on feeding and chasing each other they were not paying much attention to the human with the flashing camera. One vireo started flew down and started feeding so close to me that it was too close to focus on with my telephoto lense! The warblers were mostly male and female Wilson's, but the flock also included some female redstarts and the Canada Warbler.
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