Hi again Mobirders,
I am back from field work in Austin, TX.  And I have returned to our best yard birds ever.  This month we have a pair (Randy has seen up to 5 though) of orioles and a pair of FOY catbirds (FOY = "1st of yard!') regularly feeding from and fighting over (Randy got pics of the catbird with wings and tail spread and bill open squawking at the also open-billed oriole) the jelly in the oriole feeder.  Randy also reported 2 female rose-breasted grosbeaks eating at the safflower feeder last week, but they have not put in an appearance since I returned this weekend.  We have a regularly visiting brown thrasher (FOY) and OMG a female yellow warbler!!! seen yesterday (our 1st ever yard warbler).  Randy finally got the first of yeard yard hummer yesterday  in the neighbor's yard - the latest date in the last 4 years of watching.  (plus the usual house and gold finches, robins, downy  and red-bellied woodpeckers).
We had our 1st cardinal nest, but it was destroyed (we believe by a neighborhood cat) and our barn swallows that have nested on our floodlight the past 3 years have finally begun building their nest in the same spot).  The house wren and house sparrow continue fighting over the nest box.
Each year as our native plants grow up the yard list gets better and better!!!
Jennifer Reidy (& Randy Cartwright), Liberty
PS Congrats to Doug W. for the great find!

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