Hello all, sorry this is late but I have been on vacation in Arizona all week. The Lincoln County migration count was help on 5/10 (last saturday) and went very well. I would like to thank all those who helped make it a sucess and hope they continue to help in the future! We still have not gotten all of the lists in but it looks like we had about 175 species, which is one of our better years. I also did very well covering Cuivre River State Park (best place for passerines in the area) in the morning and the river in the afternoon with 160 species for the day, which is a personal high "big day". Although cut a little short in the afternoon (due to storms) it was a great day to be out and it showed with large number of migrants. Some highlights were:
Hodded Merganser-29
White Pelican-325 (huge numbers at Bittern Basin)
American Bittern-1 (Bittern Basin)
Black-Crowned Night Heron-2 (Bittern Basin)
Osprey-1 (over hwy 79)
Mississippi Kite-1 (praire slough)
Northern Harrier-2
King Rail-1 (Bittern Basin)
Willet-1, Semiplamated Sandpiper-3, Dunlin-2 (all at Bittern Basin), Short-Billed Dowitcher-4, and Wilsons Phalarope-2
Chuck-Wills-Widow-1, Whip-Poor-Will-8
Olive-Sided Flycatcher-2
Yellow-Bellied Flycatcher-1 (Cuivre)
Willow Flycatcher-1 (prarie slough)
Bells Vireo-2, Yellow-Throated Vireo-20, Blue-Headed Vireo-2, and Philadelphia Vireo-1
Fish Crow-4
March Wren-3 (Prarie Slough and Bittern basin)
Veery-2, Gray-Cheeked-8, Swainson's-45, and Wood Thrush-18
33 species of warblers including- Golden-Winged-8, Orange-Crowned-1, Chesnut-Sided-23, Magnolia-16, Cape May-3, Blackburnian-5, Blackpoll-8, Ovenbird-48, Northern Waterthrush-4, Mourning-1, Hooded-1, Canada-1, Wilsons-1
Lark Sparrow-5+
Lincoln's Sparrow-2
Sharp-Tailed Sparrow-3 (Bittern Basin)
Thanks again to all who helped and hopefully results will be up soon.
Good Birding,
Eric Schuette
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