I was out to the Hyw 36 MODOT mitigation site wetland on west edge of town this morning. Did not find the Sandhill Crane Terry McNeely had seen and left message about on Monday. {We were in Phoenix enjoying visiting our daughter - in spite of 110 degree Heat!}  The Sandhill would be #200 on the list for the area. # 200 for me was the singing Prothonotary Warbler I saw hanging around the nest box I put out there earlier! I always thought there was appropiate habitat but had never found one on the site. Got the idea to put nestbox for them from Tommie Rogers who had done it at Squaw Creek. Seems that lack of good cavities for nesting is a problem for PROW at many places. Have put a few more boxes at other locations, but this was first time I had observed a bird near one.
Another interesting observation was watching several Spotted Sandpipers acting very territorial and agitated that Stella, the dog, and I were in their space. A little later there was a group of 10 of them feeding together. They will likely nest there again this year although trees are growing up around the edges of the recreated oxbows that they hang out at.
Flushed a couple of Soras and had quick glimpses at possible Least Bittern and Nelson's Sharptail Sparrow? Bell's Vireos singing at several places, plus Yellow, Wilson's, Tennessee, and Common Yellowhroat Warblers. Saw three Black Terns, a Pileated Woodpecker, and Savannah Sparrow, silent Empids, plus the usuals.
 Later, Steve Kinder
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