Lots of things going on this weekend so if birding was to occur at all, it had to 
take place close to home and/or in areas of kid activities. So be it!  

*Tiffany Springs Park, Platte County (off of 152 Hwy)
Blue-winged Warbler--1 (heard first, then seen in morning light!)
Orchard Orioles—aplenty

*N Highway near Tiffany Springs Park (backroads off of N)
Blue Grosbeaks aplenty—at least 6 in 2 different locations on off of N; heard 
first as driving by with windows down, then seen.
Observation: House Sparrows roosting/nesting in Cliff Swallow nests.
*White Alloe Creek CA—Platte County
Broad-winged Hawk—1 in flight and calling above CA
Pileated Woodpecker--1
White-eyed Vireo and Philadelphia Vireo—1 of each
Swainson’s Thrushes—many
Yellow-throated Warbler--1
Canada Warbler—1 wow!
(full list on CACHE soon)

Magnificent May Birding!
Laura Gilchrist
Kansas City, MO/Platte County
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