I returned to Emmenegger  Park("Emmy"- 1217 Cragwold Road) early this morning. The Saturday WGNSS group was there and at Castlewood Park yesterday. There were reports of a Connecticut Warbler or two at Emmy.   
  First, I was excited yesterday to see two new life birds, Canada Warbler and Philadelphia Vireo..  I had seen the Canada twice yesterday, but did not feel I had seen the whole bird.  Emmy park has been a "hotbed" of warblers this year. It is a lovely oasis of lowlands and higher woods wedged between I-44 and I-270 in St. Louis County.  And, I needed to get away from the mayhem in my backyard. 
   I first walked the figure eight paved path in the lowlands with little or no sign of bird life. It was cool and dark.  I then, took the unpaved path up the bluff and around the park.
   The path was lovely,some parts along a small,babbling brook.  It, too, was quiet , but there was more sun.  I pished along this brook and out popped another Canada warbler, in all its glory and I saw the whole thing. It was exquisite. Then saw another further up the path (David Becher has told me that I would learn these warblers one by one and I certainly did learn the Canada this weekend).
    I continued this walk up and around, surrounded by the loveliest mixtures of green foliage that only spring can bring.  I did see some other birds, Tennessee and Nashville warblers, vireo not quite determined, plus the larger woodland birds. 
    It was hard to come back down from this heavenly spot.  I did not hear nor see a Connecticut warbler ( to my knowledge.. what one does not sense..isn't there, right?),but I will return again to this sanctuary. 
Jane Allen
St. Louis County
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