Should have proof-read my post-- Blue-winged Warbler alpha code should 
be BWWA, not BLWA. 

Phil Wire wrote:

>This morning while running on Highway H (also called Boundary Road) 
>about 1/2 a mile south of the city limits of Kirksville I found a 
>little grassland birding hotspot by accident and added a couple of nice 
>birds to my fossil-fuel free list for the year.  First I heard a 
>Bobolink, then ran along a field where I heard no less that 7-8 
>Henslow's Sparrows.  There were undoubtedly more, but the combination 
>of running and having traffic driving by made it tough to say exactly 
>how many.  I also heard Bobolinks farther down the highway again.
>The field(s) where the Henslow's were hanging out runs for roughly half 
>a mile down the east side of the road--and there was no point when 
>running by the field that I could momentarily stop and NOT hear a 
>Henslow's--pretty neat to hear so many, especially given that I was out 
>at about 11 AM!  
>Yesterday at Sugar Creek CA in Adair Co. I had a few noteworthy 
>birds--2 Golden-winged Warblers, 2 Blackburnian Warblers, 2 Olive-sided 
>Flycatchers, and a possible Veery.  I also found 5 Blue-winged 
>Warblers.  I will have to revisit the places I've found these BLWA's 
>around here and see how many stick around for the breeding season.
>Phil Wire
>Kirksville, Adair Co.
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