Hi All,

We were visited by a group of 20+ Cattle Egrets yesterday (Sunday).

All were in their breeding "colors", white with buff on back and head.

Unfortunately, the only time I could have taken some pictures of
them was last evening when I would have had to shoot directly
into the setting sun. I hope they return for some pictures.

I recently posted some photos on this list's gallery page.

There is one shot of a female house sparrow with two groups
of little white feathers sticking up on her head. For lack of a better
term, I've been calling her a "Horned House Finch". ;o)

If a couple of you experts out there could take a look and offer
any insight into this "apparition", I'd appreciate it.

There are some other pictures there, too, that might be of
some interest. The fledgling Bluebird from last week is pictured,
along with a close-up of an Eastern Phoebe and some Balt. Oriole

New appearances in the backyard this week include; Red-headed
Woodpeckers, RB Grosbeaks, the return of several Pine Siskins
(after a brief absence).

Last Monday, we had 8 male Baltimore Orioles, several were juveniles,
all arguing over territory.

The WC Sparrows were here in droves until last Thursday, then
they "Left the Building".

The usual suspects remain; Downy, Hairy and Red-bellied Woodpeckers,
House Finches, Amer. Goldfinches, Chipping Sparrows (in abundance),
Common Grackles, Bluebirds, Eastern Kingbirds, Barn and Tree Swallows,
Mourning Doves, WB Nuthatch, Eastern Meadowlark,
Northern Cardinals and Mockingbirds, Indigo Bunting, GB Heron,
Canada Geese, Killdeer, Nighthawks (heard but not seen, yet),
Baltimore Orioles and at least a pound of RT Hummingbirds - which
are quite a few.

There are a couple of others, but I can't remember them at the
moment. Oh yeah, many Amer. Robins and RW Blackbirds -- how
could I forget the Red-Wings, they loudly, and constanly, announce 
arrival at the feeders! At least one Turkey Vulture, sometimes several,
can usually be seen soaring around.

That's it from Troy, for the moment.

'Hope everyone has a good week of birding.

John Hitzeman
Troy, MO
Lincoln County

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