Keith McMullen called:
A male PAINTED BUNTING is back at the Casino Queen breeding grounds.
This was (is still?) a good spot for Western Kingbirds, Alder Flyc and Blue
Grosbeak too when they are there (no reports this year yet)
Also birders, women in particular, PLEASE go with other birders or have a
cell phone on you.
Keep any belongings well hidden in your car before you get there.

I can't do specific directions right now.
Follow the signs for the Casino Queen from I-64/70/55 East and go to the
frontage road "T".
Turn right and bird along this area.
Think there is an elevated concrete pad were people enter or maybe a
cobblestone/brick street.
(I have not been there for several years so not sure where the PABUs are
now. KNOW the SONG, that will help majorly. )

BE SAFE and Good Count/Big Day/causal birding tomorrow,
Charlene Malone
St. Louis co.

Maybe an offspring of the Katy Trail male PABU made it back (if there was 

P.S.S. Clay-colored sparrow is a flock of Chippings across from the
bathrooms at Tower Grove Park.
Hoodeds, Mag, several Red and Yellowstarts, Veery (thanks BJ), Gray-cheeked
thrush are some of the highlights.
Cooper's hawks keeping the activity low.
Heard a flyc "wit"
Jim heard an Acadian call.

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