One of the many perks of going on Bill Clark's weekly CACHE trips is  
experiencing new birding venues.

Yesterday we went to Marshall Junction Conservation Area.  This is a  
couple miles south of I-70, off US 65.  From 65, take CC west to RB  
into the area.  The area is in extreme southern Saline Co., access is  
through Pettis.

I'd been there before once and had good birding, but yesterday was  
excellent--it was my first time there in migration.

If you're buzzing down the interstate and have an hour or so to  
spare, consider dropping by Marshall Junction CA.  It really is one  
of the lesser-known really good areas for birding.  A gravel road  
traverses it, and several parking areas help provide access.  The  
road along the east side leads to the river access and more good  

There have been only 4 entries into the CACHE data base, so we have  
only the tip of the ice berg showing of its potential, but a quick  
read of those entries gives a good indication of the possibilities.

Bodacious birding,

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO
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