Spent the morning at Union Ridge CA in Adair/Sullivan counties and had 
some good luck.  The marsh was the highlight, with one LITTLE BLUE 
HERON putting in an appearance (listed as uncommon, but it's my first 
one for NEMO).  Also present were 2 American Bitterns, 4 Soras, one 
Virginia Rail, a Green Heron, a couple Dunlins and a smattering of 
Semipalmated Sandpipers.  The marsh is in GREAT shape for 
rails/herons/shorebirds/any other winged creature that would use a 

Some highlights of passerine birds include a WHITE-EYED VIREO, Scarlet 
Tanager, Blue-winged Warbler, White-crowned Sparrows... Data is on 
CACHE, somewhere in the neighborhood of 70 species for the morning.

Unrelated to sightings...

The MDC has burned the entirety of the savannah area bisected by 
Highway D where the Henslow's Sparrows have been for the past 3 
summers.  They burned the historical spot a few weeks ago (rightfully 
so IMO, it was getting really brushy and needed it) but also burned 
some of the more recently burned other areas that had the potential to 
have Henslow's this year or soon thereafter.  If I'm not mistaken it 
seems that Henslow's really prefer areas with at least a couple years 
of vegetative succession so we will see when they return.  None were 
seen today and I am unaware of any other large blocks of HESP-suitable 
habitat in that immediate area.  I mention this because this is the 
only place in Adair/Sullivan co's that I've ever encountered multiple 
HESP at one location.

Phil Wire
Kirksville, Adair co.
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