Hello all,

This time of year, I can usually rely on birdsong to alert me to a bird's 
presence. But, like Kathleen, I am not hearing much song.  I have a 
hypothesis, and I'd appreciate input from others with scientific backgrounds 
and experience.

Last year in April, we had 6 nights of 20 degree temperatures which caused 
significant setback to the trees.  These record low temperatures were not 
just in Missouri, but widespread throughout the midwest.  Foliage was 
delayed for 8-10 weeks, trees didn't set seed.  It also must have had a real 
impact on the insect populations that the birds rely on. I was concerned 
then about the effects on the food supply of seeds, berries and insects for 
last fall's bird migration and this spring's, too.

So, my theory is that the birds are arriving quite hungry. They are more 
concerned with finding food than singing.

The birds that I have heard singing have been doing so intermittently . The 
Tennessees sing, but not in their usual incessant way. Never heard the 
Worm-eating, Palm, Black and White, and only a single part of song from 

Any input greatly appreciated.

Margy Terpstra
Kirkwood, St. Louis Co. MO
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Subject: silent Empids??

> Is it just me or are the little flycatchers being unusually quiet this 
> year?  I
> have heard Least Flycatcher a few times, but it only called a few times. 
> Any
> other little flycatcher that I have seen has not called at all.
> Warblers seem to be pretty quiet also.  The Tennessee's were calling on
> Saturday, but other than that, I have heard very little from the warblers.
> Kathleen Anderson, Columbia
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