While eating breakfast at the dining lodge at Thousand Hills State Park 
in Adair Co. this morning with some family members that were in town, I 
noticed that there were a very good number of terns on the lake.  It 
wouldn't have been that impressive for someone used to RMBS or Squaw 
Creek, but seeing dozens of terns in on one medium-sized lake in Adair 
co (when I had gone 3.5 years seeing 0 terns in my home 
county--definitely my biggest "hole" on my county list) was pretty neat.

Of course I didn't bring my birding gear, but I was itching to get out 
there this afternoon once I had some free time.  Most of the terns 
(50+) where still there when I arrived around 2:30.  Most were 
Forster's Terns, but there were at least 2 Common Terns and there were 
4 Caspian Terns near the swimming beach.

I poked around in the woods and found 2 Golden-winged Warblers among 
the swarms of Tennessee Warblers.  At the pine grove near the 
petroglyphs I was treated to fantastic looks of a singing male PINE 
WARBLER. Full data will be on SPARKS later.

Phil Wire
Kirksville, Adair co.
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Phil Wire
Truman State University

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