Burroughs Audubon did a field trip today at Weston Bend and we saw 18
species of warblers but missed a few that Mark Robbins and Bob had.  Other
warblers that were not mentioned that we had were:
Ovenbird, Tennessee, Yellow, Blk and white, Blackpoll.  When I counted up
Bob's, Mark's and Burroughs list, I got 22 species of warblers and we
missed YB Chat.  Did anyone have him today?  If anyone has any other
warblers I didn't mention.... chime in.  We got killer looks at Canada,
Blackburnian (2), Yellow-throated warbler,  Golden-winged (3), Hooded and
Kentucky .  Great day!  Thanks to all who showed up and lent their ears and
eyes for the field trip!  Mark said he did see a female Cerulean near the
red bench where it has been found in past years.  The birds were not
singing very much today, especially when the temperature started dropping,
so keep your eyes open!  

Have a birdy spring!

Nancy Leo
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Prairie Village, KS

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> Date: 5/10/2008 5:06:00 PM
> Subject: WESTON BEND, 5/10 -- early exit polls
> I went to Weston Bend today. Due to my inability to walk very far and 
> hearing problems (I can't hear high notes or direction), I just walked to 
> the overlook and about 100 yards down the bicycle path and stopped the
> at several locations. Nevertheless, I did see/hear the following warblers:
> La. Waterthrush
> N. Parula
> Orange Crowned
> Nashville
> Mourning (female in brush on way to overlook)
> Hooded (singing at overlook)
> Kentucky (several places)
> Yellow-rumped (5 feeding on path)
> Chestnut-sided
> Magnolia
> In addition, I met Mark Robbins and 2 others coming out after a clockwise 
> trip around the bicycle path.   Mark said the path was quite birdy all 
> around and mentioned 3 Blue-winged, 5 Golden-winged, 2 Yellow-throated 
> warblers and 1 Canada. Several others also coming out mentioned
> and Am. Redstart. Thus, early returns already show 16 species. I'm
> the total exceeds 20.
> One that I have not heard about yet this year at Weston Bend is Cerulean. 
> Appartently the Blue-wings are holding out another year. How about
> Bob Fisher
> Independence, Missouri
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