Oh, to be a person who didn't experience a guilty conscience. Then I
would evaporate from work and go birding at Eagle Bluffs. Hummmm, I
wonder how long a lunch "hour" I could take today?!

The message below is from Tim James, Manager at Eagle Bluffs CA.

Susan Hazelwood
Co-Owner of MOBirds-L
Columbia, Boone County, MO
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Monday am I saw 6 Willets in pool 15 of the Sapp Tract, they were in the
open and readily visible. There are a few hundred shorebirds working the
distribution channel just below the cross levee ( below the pool 5
parking lot with the trailer parked on it) including a couple dozen
Wilsons Phalaropes. The Wood Thrushes are singing in the woods behind
the office.

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