Thought this would be posted by now.....
Connie Alwood called at noon (I was out running errands and then had 
computer problems) with a report of another birder (forgot name) finding a 
HARRIS'S SPARROW along Blue Grosbeak Trail, Weldon Spring CA, St. Charles 
Go down the trail to the split, go LEFT and look for a brushy area not far 
from there where White-crowned sparrows are hanging out.
Blue Grosbeak Trail is the trail with the rock lined parking lot located 
along Hwy 94 between the intersection of Hwy 94/40 and Hwy 94/ "D".

Spray up for ticks.

Good birding,
Charlene Malone
St. Louis co.

P.S. Re: Clover vs. Alfalfa
Good catch guys! Thanks for the responses. ;-)
My humor at too late o'clock.

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